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One platform.

One point of integration.
One revolutionary tool.

Tapdn is changing the way we do work. We bring together every workplace IoT sensor under one platform for the first time ever. Our innovative end-to-end workplace efficiency solution empowers you to make stronger decisions across the board.

See how Tapdn can make an impact on your business at every level.

Make the world a better place

Starting with the place you work.

Tapdn provides you with the information you need to transform your workplace. Data insights spark positive change, and the workplace optimization benefits will translate into space utilization that will create a ripple effect felt throughout the company—and beyond.
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Our insights make an impact.

To ensure a frictionless work environment, you need the right partner with the right tools. Tapdn provides complete office efficiency systems to revolutionize your workplace strategy.

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Converts the workplace into an asset

Maximizing efficiency at every level allows you to turn the agile workplace from an expense into a value for the company.

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Provides actionable insights

Tapdn goes beyond data—the cloud-based platform aggregates information in real time, so you can see what matters most, any time, any place in your smart buildings.

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Empowers stronger decisions

The more information you have about your workplace strategy, the more equipped you are to make decisions that drive innovation and long-term growth.

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Increases productivity

Creating a work environment that makes employees' lives easier and increases employee collaboration leads to improved performance.

An open-plan workspace

Delivers custom solutions

Tapdn creates fully scalable and customizable solutions, tailored to every company's unique, individual needs.

See how Tapdn can improve your workplace efficiency.

Create a connected company.

Workplace IoT sensors and devices traditionally have gathered data independent of one another, with disparate systems and unique login for each. Now, with Tapdn, all the smart office systems are connected to each other, and your data is available in one place.

Aggregating all your workplace utilization data in one dashboard, accessible on desktop or mobile app, delivers actionable insights enabling stronger decision making, ultimately empowering you to seamlessly manage your workplace strategy.

Create a connected
housing environment.

Tapdn also provides data analytics for operational efficiency and space utilization in multifamily, higher education and military housing. Badge overlay technology enables greater cost controls, with more effective vendor oversight and project time tracking, as well as cleaning and maintenance crew efficiencies.

Moisture and temperature sensors protect your investments with real-time flooding and temperature irregularity notifications, and offer loss prevention support for insurable events. Change the way you manage housing environments—for more informed decisions and a stronger bottom line.

Any sensor. Customized solutions.

Tapdn integrates any sensor, from the whole spectrum of industry standard IoT to cutting-edge AI technology.
Our revolutionary approach ensures we have the right solution for you—no matter your pain point.

Tapdn offers hundreds of sensors, enabling you to run occupancy tests and track space usage, resources, safety considerations, collaboration patterns, hot desk booking and more. We develop our own proprietary sensors and can even deliver a tailor-made sensor based on your requirements.

Work wonders.

Imagine an environment where employees don’t just work—they thrive. Imagine working and living in a frictionless workplace that drives innovation, and drives down costs. Imagine the ripple of benefits throughout the company, and throughout the world.

Efficient communication between people and devices can revolutionize your business in many ways. Data and insights provided by Tapdn's workplace engagement platform make an impact at every level, and these are just a few examples.


The workplace readies itself and provides data insights about schedules, collaborators and services available, signaling a seamless, productive start to the day.


Agile workforces need impromptu meetings, so the teams quickly find, in real time, an area that will accommodate them, allowing them to get started right away.


Groups from opposite ends of the building gather and take a break—with their lunch orders already filled. Collaboration between teams happens as naturally as the organic apples provided in the crisper.


A manager has 30 minutes between meetings across campus from their desk. A solo remote workstation automatically logs on so they can spend the time directing a project, instead of traveling to their desk.


Senior management gains insights on cost efficacy of their office space, and pulls objective usage and financial data to best plan for their real estate needs.


The office space transitions to after-hours functionality, as assets are audited and readied for the following day.

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