Analytics Drive Effective Reallocation

Your office can be reconfigured to create an environment where your employees are their most productive, and it doesn’t mean you have to use more space. In fact, if you’ve rightsized and rebalanced effectively, you’re now in the position to reallocate the space, and reallocate the cost of maintaining the space into the rest of the business. Before you reallocate space or funding within your organization, you must have access to data—not guesswork—to make smart, informed decisions for your business, the office space and your employees’ needs.

The C-suite demands factual data to back up any recommendations to reallocate space, address the needs of the agile workforce and create more collaborative areas. If you’re making reallocation recommendations based on assumption and manual observation, you’re not going to get the results you want. Additionally, some office cultures prohibit change unless supported by data. Tapdn’s workplace IoT platform collects objective data about how offices are used, so you have an airtight rationalization behind every move you recommend and every dollar you spend in reallocation hard costs.

Tapdn creates financial value to optimize your space. When you have the facts about usage, you can reallocate the funds from underutilized spaces into your workforce by hiring new workers, or even increasing benefits or pay for the workers you do have, driving higher morale and productivity. That money can also be reallocated to anywhere else in the company, whether you develop new products or service lines, or open another branch to serve even more customers. But the most important step is making sure your financial and real estate decisions are driven by data collected by Tapdn’s workplace analytics.