Embracing The Future Workplace

Relying on IoT in the workplace is no different than how we use it in our personal lives. Technology has the power to improve every aspect of our lives – no matter where we are or what we’re doing. As sensor based technology, and IoT adoption evolves, we’ll continue to see how customized experiences improve the way we operate in built space.

How Real-Time Data Is Revolutionizing Workplace Design

The workplace is constantly evolving, and technology is evolving with it. Now more than ever, businesses have the ability to make confident, data-based decisions for how to allocate resources. To maximize efficiencies, businesses need to truly understand how their employees work. The age of employee surveys is behind us. Through analytics, businesses can now truly connect their people, understand existing assets and optimize spend to create a frictionless workplace experience.

Facing Fears: Understanding Technology in the Workplace

Technology advancements have the power to catapult businesses to new heights. Often, the largest hurdle for businesses to adapt new technology is education. By partnering with the right vendor, employees can rest assured their data is secure and there won’t be any disruptions to hinder productivity.

Tap Into A More Valuable Workplace Strategy

Tapdn brings together every workplace IoT sensor under one platform, providing impactful insights to improve workplace performance.

Implementation: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our Tapdn experts handle everything from start to finish, keeping the process simple to ensure a seamless installation with no disruptions to your business.

Smart Buildings and the Evolving Workforce

As the workforce evolves, businesses must change with it. Workplace optimization creates environments that enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction, while increasing efficiency, appealing to millennials, Centennials and Gen Z.

Employee Empathy – The Importance of Knowing Your People

Engaged employees do a better job, and businesses can use technology to find the areas where they can improve productivity. By optimizing the workplace, companies retain more employees, and help them be more productive.

Considerations for Business Leaders to Make Confident Decisions on Major Workplace Expenses

Businesses must look beyond resource allocation to transform the workplace into an asset. Workplace optimization occurs with employee engagement, workspace efficiency, and enhanced space utilization.

Tapdn Provides Real-Time Results to Optimize CORT Corporate Headquarters

CORT used an IoT platform to optimize the workplace for office efficiency in an agile workforce. Tapdn provided data about employee collaboration and space utilization, so CORT can now make necessary changes to optimize the work environment for greater productivity.

The Future is Here: How Technology is Enabling the Smart Office

The modern workforce demands smart buildings, and IoT devices allow businesses to create an efficient workplace optimized for employee productivity. Objective data informs occupancy, utility and space booking decisions, appealing to the agile workforce.