The Future of Smart Buildings – Agile Software’s Impact on the Modern Day Workplace

When it comes to how and where they work, Millennials expectations differ significantly when compared to previous generations. Smart buildings and connected services may be the answer to provide Millennial the flexibility and connectivity they desire.

Workplace as a Service – WaaS

The workplace shift from a cost center to a value by increasing efficiency and employee collaboration. You can use technology to gain insights to find where to enhance interconnectivity and flexibility, increasing employee collaboration and retention.

Employees and Employers Win in the Frictionless Workplace of the Future

Big data insights mean better decision-making, and IoT devices harnesses that data. Now, companies can create a seamless user experience, improving employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Anthropology of the Workplace: How Your Work Environment Impacts Your Success

The way work gets done is changing. New technologies are helping businesses collect efficiency data, with the goal of developing the right environment for each employee, resulting in an efficient, creative and collaborative workplace.