How Much Desk Do We Really Need?

That’s what Tapdn helped determine for the Portfolio Optimization Manager at a large national bank. While the department heads insisted everyone is at their desk all the time, our client had a hunch that wasn’t exactly the case. But he needed some objective data—some way to know the truth, without having to depend on the feelings of people with obvious bias. Tapdn installed sensors under desks throughout one of the bank’s new office buildings, and outside conference rooms to determine occupancy. They found they were able to change the layout of the offices to better fit the way employees actually worked, and created more collaborative spaces.

Transparency was key. Leadership didn’t want employees to look under their desks and find a strange box, so they were sure to communicate effectively before the sensors were even installed. They emphasized that the data was anonymous and randomized, and was only being used for space utilization purposes.

The bank’s Corporate Real Estate Team understands the cost of the sensor implementation—but they also understand the ROI they achieve from utilizing space correctly. This pilot program was so eye-opening, they hope to roll out sensors in more of their office locations, as well as their branches.

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