Office of the Future | Propmodo Metatrends

The future of work combines software and hardware.

Imagine a completely seamless world—devices connect automatically, and you’re guided through your day finding optimal workspaces, coffee breaks and collaboration pods. This workplace of the future can be a reality, according to Tapdn at the Propmodo Metatrends 2019 event in Los Angeles. As an expert in the workplace optimization space, Tapdn shared insight onto the office of the future, and the big takeaway? Offices can optimize by connecting software and hardware.

Sensor technology builds on what software can already do to make offices run more efficiently. For example, while software like smart calendars can tell you if a conference room is booked, Tapdn sensors can go a step further and tell you about real-time occupancy. While you can control temperature and light settings on your phone, smart HVAC and lighting systems can remember your preferences and set them as defaults when you approach your workspace. All these optimizations result in greater productivity, and a better commercial real estate investment.

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