Protect the workplace, culture and success you’ve proudly built together.

It’s important that your team understands the plan you’ve put in place to safely reopen your physical office. Data from Tapdn’s sensor technology can be a reliable part of that plan for a productive return to business.

Sensor Placement Floorplan

Focus sanitization efforts on what has been used.

Sensors placed throughout the office track exactly what spaces have been used to inform your cleaning protocols. Based on a daily report, cleaning staff can focus more time and effort on deep cleaning only the used spaces, which saves time and money, and provides assurance to your workforce.

Identify and isolate affected staff quickly.

The hope is your team stays healthy, but you need to be prepared for the alternative. If an employee gets sick, HR can use the daily contact tracing data to identify days the employee worked, at which stations and with which coworkers, so that those employees can also be notified. In addition, utilization sensors can provide historical usage data for contact tracing efforts, helping to inform workstation reconfiguration efforts to mitigate the spread within the team.

Isolate affected staff quickly
Workplace sanitation

Benefits that go beyond the new normal

Tapdn’s sensor technology can help inform your short- and long-term strategies.

  • Monitor Desk Usage

    Space Utilization

    Monitoring desk usage can help guide adjustments to the density, proximity and division of workspaces.

  • Restructure Real Estate

    Real Estate Realignment

    With unbiased, concrete data, you can confidently restructure leases as things evolve and better plan for future real estate investments.

  • Find efficiencies in cleaning costs

    Cost Efficiencies

    Knowing what spaces have been used can help guide ongoing protocols for cleaning, disinfection methods and frequency to inform spending on janitorial services and supplies.

Return to work with confidence—
and concrete metrics.

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